Cheryl Smith Nude Compilation (11 Pics + Video)

1970’s B-movie actress Cheryl Smith’s iconic nude scenes from such movies as “The Swinging Cheerleader”, “Cinderella”, and “Caged Heat”, have just been remastered and enhanced in HD in the Fappening Blog all-in-one video below.

Cheryl Lynn “Rainbeaux” Smith (June 6, 1955 – October 25, 2002) was an American actress and musician who appeared in a number of exploitation and horror films throughout the 1970s and 1980s. She made her feature debut in the supernatural horror film “Lemora” (1973), followed by “Caged Heat” (1974) and “Massacre at Central High” (1976). She had the leading title role in Michael Pataki’s musical comedy “Cinderella” (1977).


‘The Swinging Cheerleaders’ (H.O.T.S. II)

Cheryl Smith (credited as Rainbeaux Smith) is removing her white bra to reveal her large breasts and then standing up and starting to put on a shirt while talking with Jo Johnston and Rosanne Katon.


‘Video Vixens’

Rainbeaux lounges, fully fluffily frontal, sitting by a pool shooting a commercial for ‘Twinkle Twat’ feminine spray. “Fresh Scent…Tastes Great”!



Cheryl Smith (credited as Rainbeaux Smith) is wearing the bottom half of a dress and no top and trying to get a guy to take off his pants before being walked in on by another guy. She then yells at him and walks over to him and hits him causing her breasts to bounce around before being kicked out.


‘Caged Heat’

Cheryl Smith, Juanita Brown, and Erica Gavin as three of a group of female inmates at a prison who are undressing to shower. The view then returns to the group of girls and we see Cheryl, Erica, and Juanita making their way single-file through the shower in that order.



A nice look at Rainbeaux’s full frontal flesh when she gets oiled by two women.


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