Franziska Petri Nude (12 Pics + Videos)

Watch Franziska Petri’s nude scenes from “Izmena” (Betrayal, 2012) and “Endloser Horizont” (2005), where she shows her bare tits, butt and bush.

Franziska Petri (born August 17, 1973) is a German actress from Leipzig. She is also known for her roles in “Wen die Liebe trifft” (2005) and “Tage des Sturms” (2003).




Franziska Petri is undressing in the snowy woods, pulling her shirt off first to go topless, and then showing butt and bush as she stands completely naked after taking her pants off. She then changes into a different pair of pants and shirt.


Franziska Petri is showing bare breasts in a sex scene with a guy in which we see her in his lap first and then rolling over onto her back.


Franziska Petri is propping herself up on an elbow in bed with a guy, seen topless as he touches her hair and she leans over to kiss him.


‘Endloser Horizont’

She offers up some brief boobs having sex then a great look at Franzi’s world class ass, followed by more partial toplessness answering the phone.



Another great look at Franzi’s amazing ass when she’s lying in bed totally naked – until her jealous lover comes in.



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