Jessica Schwarz Nude – Adieu Paris (5 Pics + Video)

Watch Jessica Schwarz’s nude video from “Adieu Paris” (2013) with topless and sex scenes.

Jessica Schwarz is a German actress, best known worldwide for her role as Natalie in the 2006 film “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”. She also portrayed Tony Buddenbrook in the 2008 adaptation of the book “Buddenbrooks”.



Jessica Schwarz is naked astride a guy, first showing her breasts as she leans over to kiss him. We then see her running naked across an apartment, showing her butt and then her breasts and bush as she turns to face the guy. They then end up on the floor together and Jessica lies on her back as the guy kisses his way down between her breasts. Lastly, we see Jessica topless, standing and looking out a window as the guy approaches her from behind.


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