Lizzo Goes Night Swimming During Live Show in Miami Beach (50 Photos)

American singer, rapper, songwriter, and flutist Lizzo (birthname Melissa Viviane Jefferson), was pictured as she performed a beachfront concert in Miami Beach, ending an incredible energy-filled performance by running to the water and jumping into the ocean in a grand finale, causing some fan and security chaos, but everyone loved it.



She’s seen laughing and looking so happy as she frolicked in the ocean, and didn’t even take off her white combat fashion boots. Her bodyguards and security is then seen holding her hand as she walked back to the stage area, which was also on the beach. It was reportedly only her second show since the Covid-19 pandemic began, so it was a rare performance. which was for the American Express’ UNSTAGED’ digital music series, held during the Art Basel Miami 2021.


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