Sofia Vergara Sexy (43 Photos)

Sofia Vergara declares her boobs are real as she walks the Golden Globes red carpet in Beverly Hills, 01/05/2020.

The “Modern Family” bombshell was being interviewed by E!’s Ryan Seacrest when she treated viewers to the hilarious declaration. Seacrest had flashed up on screen a photo of Sofia with a puppy. Sofia revealed: “That’s Baubles. She’s a rescue dog that Joe and I got, she’s adorable. She was very sick but now she’s super healthy.” Seacrest then said: “She’s eating apple dutch pie!” But Sofia replied: “No! She’s not eating that. It’s a prop. I was on set. It’s fake, you know how we’re always on a set!” A laughing Seacrest then said: “Of course! It’s all fake, we’re in Hollywood! It’s a facade!” As he was speaking, Sofia looked directly into the camera and pointed at her ample chest. She then mouthed the words: ” These are real!” several times before agreeing with Seacrest, saying out loud: “Nothing is real!” before collapsing into laughter.




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